You’d be forgiven for thinking that Baby Blue have been around for longer than two years given their prolificacy in the Melbourne music scene. Having quickly become a staple of the local scene through their relentless gigging, the band have been turning heads with their infectious melodies and live show which is a joy to behold. We asked Baby Blue to give us the low down on here fave songs and what lyrics she loves about them

Rhea Caldwell (Baby Blue) “Top 5 songs you need to hear and my favorite takeaway lyrics from the songs”:


1. Sharon Van Etten – Every Time The Sun Comes Up

I love this song. Perfect lyrics, perfect production, perfect mood. This is my favorite verse. I love talking about poos so singing about it can only impress me:

“People say I’m a one-hit wonder

But what happens when I have two?
I washed your dishes, but I shit in your bathroom”
2. Every1’s a Winner – Ty Segall
What a vibe. You can’t listen to this song and not get amped up for your day or feel like you’re on fire.
“Everyone’s a winner, baby, that’s the truth (yes, the truth)
Making love to you is such a thrill.”
3. F E M A L E – Sampa The Great
What a power ballad for all the amazing Females out there. Be bold.
“Big bold women gonna come and applaud.”
4. Girls on the TV – Laura Jean

I really love Lauras songs. I met her years ago at a party where we were both a little awkward and as she put it ‘not cool’ .. which I agree with. She made me feel comfortable immediately though and she has an ability to do that in her songwriting too. This song stands for the same.
“I remember when she told me
She cried in shame
I told her not to worry
We can do anything
I told her one day we’d be beautiful
And maybe we could start a band”
4. Lady and a Man – Khruangbin

Such a cool groovy song. I love listening to Khruangbin. It’s super meditative and easy to cruise along to. It always chills me out when I’m stressed. These are my favourite lyrics. I dropped out of uni so really relate to this conversational section in the song.
“I could’ve been a doctor, could’ve been a lawyer
Oh, come on, not that again!”
Baby Blue Do What You Like EP Launch
Saturday 4th August
The Eastern, Ballarat VIC
With Cool Sounds (Melbourne) + Seagull (Ballarat)
Tickets $10+BF via Oztix

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