FLUIR is an independent Australian singer, songwriter & producer, crafting emotive dance electro-pop with a uniquely personal edge.

FLUIR recently worked alongside producer Sam Littlemore (Sam La More/Pnau/Tonite Only) on her single ‘Change’, independently released in April 2018. ‘Change’ premiered on Australian National Radio Triple J ‘Good Nights’ program and featured on New Music Friday (Aus/NZ) Spotify playlist, reaching over 100K streams within the first weeks of release.

My Top Five Tips on Breaking into the Music Industry

There’s no ‘guru’ who’s going to swoop down out of the clouds and make you a star – The music industry has changed significantly in the past couple of years thanks to the Internet. Artists are now expected to build their own fan bases directly (i.e. through shows, socials etc). Only once an artist has shown reactivity with their audience will the industry jump on board.
Be competitive but don’t compare yourself to others – In the past, I’ve often been so hard on myself for not having already achieved my next goal. Looking back, I’ve achieved so many personal goals from when I started out, however I was always too busy comparing myself to others whilst looking forward onto my next goal rather than fully appreciating how far I’d come. I now make a conscious effort to be present in the moment and celebrate every win, no matter how big or small that may be.
Practice gratitude – Be grateful that you have the opportunity to express yourself creatively. As long as you’re happy, at the end of the day that’s all that matters.
Write as often as you can – The quickest way to write is to just write. Even if the ideas you come up with won’t ever see the light of day, each idea is important in the overall process. You’ve got to dig through the trash in order to find the gold. Don’t sit there waiting for inspiration to strike! You may be waiting a very long time and by then you’ll be out of practice.
Listen to as much music as you can and know your market!

Fluir is playing a free show at North Wollongong Hotel on May 26

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