Multi-talented singer, songwriter and producer Graham The Grand returns with a new single off his debut project ‘I Don’t Know Why I Feel The Way I Do’ called ‘Go’ that has been premiered through the AU review and is now available on all platforms. After moving from his hometown of Brisbane down to Melbourne to follow his passion of music, Graham The Grand is ready to release the music that he has spent all year creating. ‘I Don’t Know Why I Feel The Way I Do’ extrapolates the hardships faced by Graham The Grand on his ongoing journey with anxiety and depression – a theme that ripples through the subject matter of each song on the project.

Top 5 things that are Grand in Melbourne by Graham the Grand

No1. Coffee

Brisbane has good coffee too, it does, but Melbourne’s overall scene is unreal. At times very overwhelming with the amount of good cafes there are in every suburb.

No2. The Weather

Surprisingly the weather may not be as bad as you think it is, before I moved here everyone made jokes about the weather but personally I can’t stand how hot it gets in Queensland compared to Melbs.

No3. So many good skateparks + skaters

I skate a bit, and they’re are a lot of skateparks here. It’s almost as overwhelming as how many cafes, BUT what’s even more overwhelming is how good everyone is here at skating.. very easy to make friends here at the skatepark too.

No4. Rent

Haha joking, rent in Melbourne sucks compared to Brisbane BUT if you’re lucky you might be able to crash on your best mates couch for a few months… (totally not me the past two months).

No5. Second hand clothing

Op shopping here is pretty unreal but more than that the vintage clothing stores are out of control. If you have money and you like vintage clothing be careful walking through Fitzroy, Collingwood and Brunswick because you’ll definitely find so much clothing you like and will want to buy!!

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