Born in the UK, Oriel grew up in the US and embarked upon a promising design career, but during the height of the recession following the economic crash, she discovered that her long time love, music, was her ultimate passion. Using the skills she honed as a production designer, Oriel now adapts her talents to self-manage and direct her music career.

Top Five Favorite Tarot Cards and Their Meanings by Oriel. 

1. 3 of Wands. When I made decision to pursue music as a career, this is a card that appeared for me.

Meaning: The Three of Wands is the card of the visionary. It is the part of us able to take that bold leap into uncharted territory, which can inspire others to follow. This card speaks of our capacity to achieve great things, to set examples, and be bold in doing so. It is a card of new beginnings.

2. The Fool is probably one of the most humble cards in the deck, highlighting one’s innocence, like a toddler eager to explore, yet first learning how to walk.

Meaning: The card reminds us of the power in adopting a child-like simplicity and warns us against being cynical. There are many people who have achieved great things simply because they didn’t listen to anyone telling them it wasn’t possible. At the same time, this card may also get you in trouble due to naivety, adding caution to the wind.

3. The Hermit. This is a card I receive often, reminding me to take time for myself. The Hermit carries a torch, which is a reminder of the light I carry within.

Meaning: The Hermit withdraws from everyday life in order to be alone and discover a deeper meaning within. The Hermit understands that we can be so influenced by other people and their opinions, that the only way to discover who we truly is to spend time in solitude and rediscover ourselves.

4. The Magician is another card I receive often, suggesting the ‘magic’ I hold.

Meaning: The Magician shows a powerful figure performing his tricks with us as the audience. He is about to make things happen before our eyes that we never thought possible. He demonstrates the qualities of skillfulness and mastery. If you know what you are doing and you have the energy of commitment behind you, you can achieve incredible things.

5. The High Priestess is one of the lead characters in the music video for “Foothills.” She is a wise woman, depicted in black and white, carrying the shadow and the light.

Meaning: The High Priestess is patient; she sits in silence and contemplates. She seeks understanding and looks for the greater meaning in everything. Her guidance is not to over do things but to hold some restraint in the activities she entertains in order to balance the mind and direct one’s life decisions from a wider vantage point.

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