After years of honing their craft in the studio and on stage, James Draper and Jordan Brady recorded their debut album over a six-month period at La Cueva, an idyllic, remote studio in Byron Bay, as well as a few stints at The Grove.



 by Jordan Brady

* Gear Club: Something our friend and engineer Jackson turned us onto, where they talk about mixing, mastering and production. We’re far from capable of understanding most of it but it’s still fascinating.


  • Song Exploder: Each week a different artist presents a song and breaks it down track by track. The Killers did one about ‘Rut’ which first got me into it, and there are tonnes of really great ones. I spent many hours on a hammock in my front yard listening to these and becoming extremely inspired to make music.


  • S-Town: The story of a small town in deep Alabama where lots of shit goes down. I don’t really know what was so captivating about it, but it’s a true story that’s well worth a mention because both of us became extremely immersed very quickly.


  • Flintoff, Savage & the Ping Pong Guy: We love cricket, football and ping pong, so ah… yep. That.


  • Underwater Sunshine: The Podcast: Discovered this one very recently, it’s a podcast by Counting Crows who are one of our favourite bands of all time. They get deep into talking about music they like which is quite entertaining for obvious reasons, and in their latest episode they gave an enormous wrap to Gang Of Youths which was quite nice to listen to.

Following the release of their bright and upbeat first single Better, Winterbourne  share a live video of the first offering from their forthcoming debut album. 


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