Tape/Off’s brand of slacker-noise-pop has earned the Brisbane 4-piece an Australian Music Prize nomination, constant airplay on community radio stations and the J’s, and respect from the people and bands they look up to. Their songs sneak into your psyche like hook-ridden ninjas.

Q: What advice would you give yourself when you first started?

A: Look after your mental health, you’ll need it to be in good shape when you get older.

Q: What things have you learned and wish someone had told you?

A: I’ve learned that no matter how hard you try, you can’t force most things in life. You can’t force songs to be written, you can’t force people to like your music, but you can force yourself to be nice and respectful person.

Q: What are your goals in music?

A: To always challenge the listener and hope they’ll find something new in what they’re hearing.

Q: Where do you see your music fitting in on the Australian music scene?

A: I see it fitting in very nicely with bands that make loud music.

Q: Who inspires you in music?

A: Steve Albini. The records he works on sound meticulous, and he always sticks to his guns.


Wed 5th Sep

9:10PM – 9:40PM

Thu 6th Sep

8:10PM – 8:40PM

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