An effervescent delight, the brand new single Museum Day officially out today from NY-based English singer-songwriter Coyle Girelli blends a lush tale of carefree sentimentality and transient points in time, while also offering a peek into a new upcoming album for the charming English troubadour. Upbeat and overflowing with good vibes, Museum Day also comes armed today with a vivid new music video pulsing with abstract passion and pure Coyle Girelli allure.


Written and produced by Coyle himself, Museum Day draws on sonic sprinklings from the likes of The Smiths, The Drums, Big Thief, Alvvays and Harry Styles, with Coyle’s trademark warmth amplified alongside a potent indie twist. Amid splashy percussion, shimmering guitar tones and driving basslines, Museum Day enamours as Coyle effortlessly lolls across smooth melodics like a cool breeze on a warm summer’s eve; and it’s this very sensation alongside thematics of fleeting perfect moments that ultimately inspired Museum Day, as Coyle explains, “Museum Day is a more upbeat indie vibe than I’ve done for a while. It sounds like a hot summer’s night on the town in New York City, without the hangover in the morning. It’s about a moment. A memory. A happy one. A perfect one. Something you crave and miss and want.”


Conjuring his latest outing in Brooklyn alongside Grammy Award-winning producer Lorenzo Wolff (Taylor Swift, Kayne West), Coyle also teamed up on Museum Day with Patrick Dillett (The National, St Vincent, David Byrne) mixing, and mastering by the illustrious Greg Calbi. And also joined by Jon Danovic (Phoenix, Lady Gaga, Andrew WK) directing Museum Day’s accompanying music video, Coyle’s whimsy and beguiling ways come to joyful life, elegantly balancing the track’s motifs and jaunty elements. “I’d previously worked with Jon on my videos for Do You Wanna Dance and Here Comes My Baby,” shares Coyle of the Museum Day music video, “We filmed it in Los Angeles, and it also features Ukrainian actress Nina Podolska. For the video we went with a more abstract thing that creates a feeling; A collection of images and moments that are playful but also have a kind of tension, similar to the feeling of the song.”


Releasing his sophomore album last year in the form of the relentlessly endearing Funland, Coyle’s undeniable musical magic drastically turned heads as a solo artist via his 2018 debut album release Love Kills. With an ongoing penchant for formidable songwriting and measured genre exploration, Coyle’s musical prowess has also found him hotly in demand as a songwriter and producer for multiple artists, including work with BTS, Macklemore, Robin Schulz, Westlife and more. A multi-instrumentalist who has also turned his gaze to musical theatre alongside building towards his, as yet unnamed, third studio full length, Coyle is only truly just getting started in 2023 – and Museum Day is the perfect introduction to album #3. And fittingly, as Coyle concludes, Museum Day was the natural choice to represent the brand new chapter in the ever-evolving Coyle Girelli creative journey:I’m very excited to be releasing this one as the first new music from my new upcoming album. It was the first one that came together so it just naturally pushed its way to the front of the line.”


Museum Day is out today, Wednesday June 14.


Soundcloud: MUSEUM DAY



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