Bliss N Eso

The Forum, Melbourne
Monday Feb 28

It’s been a long two years for hip hop icons Bliss N Eso, having rescheduled more times than anyone cares to count, but here they are, on a Monday night with a room full of hungry fans ready to devour every moment.

As the final support act MLBRN declares to the crowd  ” If you didn’t know who MLBRN were before tonight then you sure as hell do now” the crowd are whipped into a frenzy, everyone is all but ready to jump onto the stage as the chanting begins.

‘The Prophecy’ hails their arrival  and straight away this is going to be a high octane show, the floor vibrating to the beat,  arms waived in the air and faces plastered with smiles as the dynamic duo make their entrance.

Powering through the hits ” Act Your Age”, Tear the Roof Off”,  and ” Eye of the Storm”, the pair have the crowd firmly in the palm of their hands. Whether it is Bliss ( Jonathan Notley) jumping around or Es0 ( Max Mckinnon) encouraging the crowd to dance the two never miss a beat; their energy is nothing short of contagious and the audience are there with them, hands raised in the air for every single note.

Taking a short break to allow DJ IZM take the limelight for a moment, the two are back for a second half,  with ” Know Yourself” kicking things off for the just as energetic second act. Powering straight into ” Reflections”,  followed by ” The Sea Is Rising” the band continue to please the crowd, hands firmly in the air. The strains of iconic ” Gangstas Paradise” the song made famous by iconic Hip Hop legend Coolio rings out across the auditorium as Bliss asks the audience to welcome to the stage the iconic hip hop legend.  The crowd are absolutely floored by this surprise, the iconic singer rapping like his life depends on it, making memories that will last a lifetime for the enthralled crowd.

As the evening draws to an epic finale, not once have the band stopped to draw breath. Sweat wiped on towels a testament to their unwavering energy, their dedication to showing the audience a good time is evident as they leave the crowd singing along to ” Addicted” for the encore.

It’s no secret that Melbourne has had a long two years with no music, and tonight Bliss and Eso have bought back the bliss and smiles on many a Melbourne fan’s face. Whether you love or hate hip hop, bringing back joy to people’s faces is a beautiful thing.

Words and images by Amanda Lee Starkey



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