Bruce Dickinson – What does this button do? Speaking Tour The Palais Melbourne

Starting from humble beginnings of being expelled from his mother in a shock surprise to being expelled from Private school ,  where he was described as having ‘ His tongue will be his undoing‘ by teachers Bruce has done it all. 

From lead singer of of iconic heavy metal band Iron Maiden to commercial airline pilot,  brewing his own brand of beer, and starting his own airline Bruce has never been one to live life in the slow lane. 

Opening the show by lobbing out a dozen tennis balls into the crowd  and proving he has a pretty good throwing arm Bruce breaks the ice with his candid humor the moment he walks on the stage, beer in hand.  He is automatically disarmingly funny. 

Talking about his early beginnings in school, to his first band Samson featuring a gimp mask wearing drummer, to joining Iron Maiden one gets the feeling that Bruce has lived his life telling anyone that didn’t quite agree with him to fuck off,  including his 2015 throat cancer diagnosis. 

He tells each tale with passion, excitement and the ability to laugh at himself and quite frequently.  Pacing the stage and speaking at lightening speed Bruce has a lot to say, but not quite enough time to say it as the evening rushes by far too quickly.  His stories of private school life to almost getting busted for drugs on the M1 had everyone laughing, as Bruce is an exceptional public speaker and his delivery is well timed and on- point. 

The first half over and there is a short break before Q & A time. It seems there are a bunch of aviation geeks in the building as there are so many questions about aircraft and flying, and this leads to some pretty interesting stories. 

Finishing the evening by reading an exert from the book Bruce has spoken about his roller coaster journey through life and what an incredible journey he’s had- tight trousers and all.  A thoroughly entertaining evening of laughs, and insight to an iconic musician. 

Bruce Dickinson’s book What does this button do? Is available now. 

Words by Amanda Lee Starkey

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