Radnor and Lee
Atheneum Theatre, Melbourne

The nicest guy in music Ben Lee has teamed up with lovable tv star from the hit series ‘ How I met your Mother’ Josh Radnor to for the duo Radnor and Lee.

With the small seated venue the perfect setting for the show, the audience is invited into almost a lounge room- like performance that is casual, entertaining and relaxed.

The musical pairing of the two stars at first seems unlikely, and many are probably here simply out of curiosity more than anything. On one hand we have Ben Lee- seasoned performer, guitar player and hit maker. Josh Radnor on is better known for his acting prowess. Interestingly enough this is a duo that just works.

Whilst Ben displays all the professionalism of someone that has been on the stage for a long time, its Radnor’s boysish charm and willingness to be imperfect that is disarmingly good. He has a way of making the audience feel automatically connected, as he makes mistakes, laughs at himself and seems to revel in the attention of being on stage. His absolute delight at being able to play music with his friend is simply contagious and delightful.

Whilst the music is fairly simple, with songs like ‘ Its yours once you give it away’ and ‘ One foot in front of the other’ it doesn’t need to be any more complex than what it is, and its refreshing to see basic arrangements with guitars and not much else.

Having performed the show the same night as the Royal Wedding, Radnor and Lee have entertained and for Lee this is a sweet departure from what is his usual show. The two whilst at first seem unlikely as a duo, compliment each other – the seasoned musician and the somewhat green actor to create a musical experience that is fresh and delightful.

Words by Amanda Lee Starkey
Behind the lens Amanda Lee Starkey




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