The Darkness
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Life has a way sometimes of bringing things full circle, and this evening’s Melbourne show is one of those moments. Rewind two years, when the world was plunged into chaos and the tour was cancelled as the city plunged into the world’s longest lock down.  Now the band is back and the Brits have some business to finish.

Western Australian larrikins The Southern River Band have opened the night with their good humor and antics. By the time the set is over, lead singer Cal has invited everyone to their up coming gig, and managed to guilt everyone in the room into buying merch.

The crowd are in high spirits as Justin Hawkins struts out onto the stage in a metallic green jumpsuit and green sequin cape. Possibly the only man in the known Universe to be able to pull this combo off, Hawkins looks every bit the rock star, smile plastered wide across his face.

The band play a slew of hits from their impressive career including ‘ Love is Only a Feeling’ , ‘ One Way Ticket’ and ‘ Japanese Prisoner of Love’ .  Launching into an impromptu a cappella intro for ‘ Friday Night’ the charismatic Hawkins has the crowd in the palm of his hand. He is energetic, non stop fun and its easy to see why the room is crammed full of fans dancing and singing along to every beat.

For a band to come out on stage and have the crowd enraptured for every single moment is no easy task, but from the very second Justin Hawkins hits the stage, right to the end of the show he owns the crowd and is in control.  His dance moves impress, and his energy is contagious ( in a good way, not the Covid-19 way).

Closing with their smash hit ‘ I believe in a thing called Love’, The Darkness are one of the UK’s most loved acts. Squeezing in two last songs for the encore its hard to let the night come to an end. As the crowd file out into the warm evening its a pleasant reminder that music is back and we can all breath a sigh of relief.

Words and images by Amanda Lee Starkey

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