Evocative of Ocean Alley and Spacey Jane, Dear Sunday are an intriguing debut band who are impossible to pin down; psychedelic influences mix happily with rock, pop, even folk – and this talented band were added to rotation on the j’s with a feature on an electronic dance track.  It’s the kind of music an artist makes when they are writing simply for the love of it – unrestrained by genres and open to anything. 


Hey guys, we are Dear Sunday! We are a bunch of mates from Perth, Western Australia who like to have heaps of fun, and write music together.  We have a new EP on the way, and 27 Mag have asked us to put together a list of our 10 fantasy rider items for our upcoming shows. 

1. 1 x Crusty Demons DVD (Demons Of Dirt 2) and 1x DVD Terminator 2 – honestly just a couple of great movies to LAUNCH this green room!

2. 2 x carton of jack and coke premix cans. A necessity… an absolute must have. We wouldn’t leave home without them on show night.

3. 1 x poster of Ronnie Coleman (Mr Olympia 1998-2005). LIGHTWEIGHT BABY! We need this for morale purposes only – gotta pump ourselves up for the gig of course.

4. 1 x container of Natures Ways Smart Vita Gummies. We all pop a few of these pre-show to make sure our immune systems are high, and we don’t catch anything untoward.

5. 1 x Ben Cousins – Absolutely no explanation needed. The man is the mayor of Perth City.

6. 1 x carton of Monster Energy to drink while watching Crusty Demons (Demons Of Dirt 2). No further explanation needed.


7. 1 x packet of Marlboro Reds – these are to take the edge off, knowing that we are about to have Ben ‘The Mayor’ Cousins through the green room.

8. 1 X 500 metre-roll of aluminium foil – so we can use the pre-show time to make our bassist Calvin into the Tinman. Some say 500 metres of aluminum foil is too many metres of aluminum foil, but we would disagree.

9. 1 X Cardboard cutout of Mark McGowan – just for vibes really.

10. 1 X Air Purifier. This is something that is key in ensuring that we are in zen pre-show, and allows us to reach a meditative state after the Monster Energy drinks, Marlboro Reds, and The Crusty Demons.

Our debut EP, Draw 4 is out on the 12th of November, 2021, and we are touring the below dates: 

12th November: HQ, Leederville, All Ages Show.

20th November: Rosemount Hotel, Perth, 18+.

27th November: Settlers Tavern, Margaret River, WA

4th December: 6 Degrees, Albany, WA.


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