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Band intro – Eccentric and brash, Eli Greeneyes has today announced his deeply confessional new single 21, a chaotic yet content exploration into getting older and losing control.

SUSHI (any kind, god damn love it! its my favourite food, haven’t been to japan yet but my lord! I think I would just stay in the hotel and run a bloody bath full of the shit!)
JAMESON (of course! I’m allergic to beer so alot of my friends when I was younger would be like “lightweight”! but apparently it’s the barley in it that upsets my stomach. So for a looooong time now my favourite drink that just sits nicely with me is jameson on the rocks! you BEAUTY!
BOWL OF FRUIT (cause nature’s lollies! I once said at a show that you could never have too much fruit which I was immediately corrected by my friend aaron “NOPE! that’s not true you can have too much fructose” ahahahah you learn something everyday aye! fun my fucker!
CORN CHIPS/salsa/guacamole (snack like a bloody KING!)
COFFEE PATRON (for a pick me up and comradery shots! it’s one of those shots that just slaps ya in the face isn’t it! it’s a good one to watch everyone’s face look likes it’s going to turn for the worst and the after taste sinks in as everyone collectively goes “oh that’s actually really nice!”)
CLOTHES RACK (I have so many clothes and I love em. I love having time to pick what clothes I’m gonna wear before I get on stage, If you look good then you feel good aye!)
IRONING BOARD (cause creases suck and cheapen the look of your nice shirts)
CHESS BOARD (cause distractions are good and I really love chess a lot! it’s a fun and challenging game!)
UNO CARDS (I used to play Uno with my mate grant in WA when we were sitting there having a coffee or whatever. We used to get so competitive with it and to be honest probably quite disruptive!


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