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Hey what’s up, this is Jay. I’m one half of Golding. We are an Indie electro pop group duo from the Gold Coast.

My Dream Rider by Golding

  1. A litter of boxer puppies. Matt and I have boxer dogs that are brothers from the same litter. We both share this fascination and love for boxers.
  2. Strawberries, but not just strawberries. I want the biggest strawberries that they could find in the whole country. I’m talking baseball or orange size strawberries. I really love strawberries.
  3. A masseuse. I feel like getting a massage just before performing would be the best way to loosen up and bring your best on that night.
  4. A pool with a swim up bar and a spa to jump into after the show.
  5. In N out burger truck.
  6. Our friends and Family. There is nothing like walking off stage and being able to be with your crew.
  7. Water. I know it sounds bland but without it doing a show would be so hard hahaha
  8. A Trampoline.
  9. A float tank for meditation.
  10. Chameleons. 6 chameleons.

Check out our latest single Boxing Underwater.