Auckland-based musician and songwriter Isla Noon channels an ‘ethereal high’ into her creative output. The music making process is a direct extension of her personality – diligent, intuitive and ambitious. The resulting sound isn’t easily defined by genre but rather centered by gripping melodies and a depth of emotion that cuts to the core.


My Dream Rider by Isla Noon

Realistically the amount of excess I’ve listed below would likely stress me out more than be enjoyable, but a girl can dream x


  1. You may have heard of a vocal steamer, but what about an entire steam room? Oh yeah.
  2. Steam rooms can get pretty gross so I’m going to need some extremely large egyptian cotton towels to dry off. Do they make bedsheet sized towels? That sounds like a great time.
  3. Raspberries in all forms. Not fully sure of what I’m signing myself up for there but I guarantee I’m going to love it.
  4. You know when you eat or drink something on holiday that you fall in love with and now you can’t find it anywhere? I visited Cairns a few years ago and there was this one brand of coconut water. I’m probably building this up in hindsight but I would seriously love some of that coconut water.
  5. A selection of stage-wear from local fashion designers of that country / region. How cool would it be to wear something by a local designer on stage every night?
  6. A physiotherapist with just the right balance of “get your act together Isla and remember to do your physio exercises” but also “you’re doing great sweetie” energy.
  7. Red Seal’s Peppermint, Liquorice and Vanilla tea in bulk quantities! This was my favourite thing to drink, particularly before singing, but I seem to have fallen in love with it right as it fell out of stock everywhere…
  8. A few instruments in case inspiration strikes and I haven’t got any with me. In particular, a Fender American Pro II Jazzmaster guitar in Mercury. Ooooosh.
  9. A set of amazing speakers for pre-show dance parties. Absolutely necessary to get in the zone.
  10. A very, very quiet room with low lighting. Post-dance party but pre-going on stage I like to get away from noise and over-stimulation for a few minutes, so a super quiet, sound-sealed room would be *heavenly*. Extra points if the Maison Margiela candle ‘Jazz Club’ is on a slow burn in the corner…


My new single ‘Talk About Us’ just came out, and you can watch the music video below!:


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