My name’s Jordan Wilson, people mostly know me from my band Georgia Fair who I have released three albums with, but this is my first solo release! I live in the Inner West of Sydney and I am also working on releasing my first book of short stories and poems at the end of the year.

My Dream Rider by Jordan Wilson

  1. Rachel Cusk’s catalogue to choose from. She’s my favourite writer, particularly anything post and including Aftermath. She knows how to snap my brain into reality with her acid observation. 
  2. Incense for grounding 
  3. Coffee, I don’t care what time of day. Preferably Birletti stove top (used). 
  4. Some sort of screen running The Office US start to finish.  I need laughs man. All the time, and Steve Carrell delivers. 
  5. A large dog bed for my greyhound Ruby, with blanket. She’s my baaaaaaby. 
  6. Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup, because it’s my go to when I don’t know what else I feel like/I’m feeling nervous or mildly ill. 
  7. Sand from Bondi beach, but specifically that from Elton John’s dressing room when he toured here. 
  8. Staff to guard the door so Ruby doesn’t get out and to mind her whilst I’m on stage (wearing a top hat). 
  9. Japanese Whiskey because it sooo smooth
  10. Aeroplane slippers for the entire crew, need to keep it cosy and stylish ya know. 

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