Party in the Paddock hits Tasmania soon, so we are asking some of the bands what is on their dream Rider

Whether it’s because of their from-the-heart lyrics, their warm
and welcoming stage presence, or their undying support for the
local Tassie music scene, Luca Brasi truly are the brothers we
all wish we had.

Luca Brasi – ‘My Dream Rider’
Our dream rider would consist of the various things us and our crew love and can only dream of having permanently on tour. Some of this stuff we already get but is a necessity regardless.

Beer: plenty of local, plenty of fancy craft.

Vodka cruisers: just the right level of delish and sugar pick me up we always need.

A barista making sick coffees; busby always opts for his trademarked “beeracino”, a coffee and a beer, not mixed together but just at the same time. Plenty of iced coffee for our tech and best mate Smokes.

100 packs of footy cards, Pat has spent countless dollars on these on tour.

Bottomless hot chips: Richo eats enough of these to kill the average coward, as he is no coward they only fuel him to operate at a prime level.

An in house “tour doctor”. For electrolytes, vitamins and rehydration when we rock up. This dream backstage area would make it impossible to be hungover.

Beds and some kind of instant sleep remedy. We’re tired sooks and this would be magical.

A swimming pool, spa and sauna and gym Our TM Dicko is especially keen on a good steam. Danny would froth a workout backstage too. 

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