Hello! Max here. I play piano and sing stories about my messy life. I’ve always had a love hate relationship with performing. I get really nervous and anxious before every gig and then  roughly third song in I start to relax and remember that I just love to sing. The size of the crowd never matters. The songs are my therapy and if people like it, that’s just an added bonus. Anyway, this is my dream rider. At first I went totally blank and thought “well I don’t really need anything”, but since you’re asking, I came up with a few luxuries that I could totally get used to in a heartbeat. 

  • a piano to practice and warm up
  • dumplings! and keep them coming. everyone always thinks you need food before your show, but I‘m always too nervous to eat and then I stuff my face post show.
  • endless supply of hot toddy’s
  • lady gaga, she’d be fun to have backstage
  • a masseuse who is particularly good at facials
  • no noise
  • candle, my favorite one is tobacco and patchouli by Paddywax
  • coffee
  • watermelons, for post show hydration
  • water, at room temp with no ice. aside from it not being great for singing, i just don’t like iced water. thanks.

The impressive MAXON has  recently announced her new single History, a powerful pop rock belter that reflects on a period of cyclic grieving, . After a long time perfecting and processing, MAXON has emerged fully formed with History – strong, unstoppable, and willing toburn bridges, if they need to be burnt.

Tickets available from maxonofficial.com/gigs

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