Our Last Enemy is an Industrial-Metal quartet who are renowned for their genre-bending style of heavy music, who are either setting the trend or completely avoiding it. Incorporating cinematic soundscapes, vicious guitars, razor sharp drums, deep bass, lyrics filled with double meanings and a genetic throwback to the late 90’s/early 2000’s, they have bulldozed their way to being separated from the pack.
Having toured or worked with artists such as Static X, Dope, Fear Factory, Prong, Combichrist, Perturbator, Mortiis, Pain, Mnemic and Powerman 5000 they are now ready to embark on their next chapter and embrace a new realm.

1.    Payment in cash – crisp, new $100 bills, in a brown paper bag x 4.
2.    Directions to the closest Strip Bar
3.    3 cases of Coopers Pale Ale for Wade
4.    12 bottles of the finest French Red for Oli
5.    Painkillers – that contain words that end in “done” for Matt
6.    2 x bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue for Frank
7.    2 packets of Cigarettes
8.    A powerpoint
9.    1 tub of Vaseline and 3 rubber gloves
10.   Fresh Fruit

THE PLUG: Our Last Enemy’s new EP “As Within, So Without” drops 22/09/23 and features the recent singles “Slay For Me” and ‘Still Breathing’.

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