You can be sure of one thing when you set out to see Robbie Bostock perform; an all out electrifying showcase of guitar fierceness.  Busting out slinky basslines, sizzling guitarwork and soaring 80s undertones.

My Dream Rider

  1. A stand up comic: sometimes when you’ve been on the road with the same band for a while the jokes can start to get old.  A comedian with some fresh material would be ideal!
  2. Pool table: because why not! I love playing pool.  A pool table backstage is not too much to ask for right?
  3. A sports bar: A sports bar setup backstage; multiple TV’s, a TAB the works!  What better way to feel relaxed before a show. And keeping up with all the latest sporting action!
  4. A guitar tech: I’d love to have a guitar tech help me keep all my equipment in tip top shape, the road can be harsh on our instruments. 
  5. A masseuse: it would be pretty awesome to have a massage before hitting the stage especially after a day of travel.
  6. A chef: A chef who knows how to cook a good tomahawk steak.  Gotta have energy for the show, rabbit food and bird seed just doesn’t cut it for my band and I.
  7. A rehearsal space:  It’s always good to warm up before a show and iron out any last minute tweaks and song arrangements. 
  8. Barista: normally someone in the band will be craving a coffee at any point in time, gotta keep those caffeine levels in check.
  9. Pinball machine: my favorite pinball machine growing up was the Guns ‘n Roses machine.  That thing used to get me fired up!  It had great music and lots of bells and whistles!
  10. A big stereo system: to crank some good music before hitting the stage!

My new EP ‘Explorations is out now everywhere.

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