I’m Sainthill (aka Tom Larkey) a Melbourne-based, Hobart-born musician raised on a steady diet of Bruce Springsteen courtesy of my mum. I make a kind of dreampop/indie rock/folk hybrid with a sprinkling of shoegaze. I’ve been described by music critic Marty Jones as making ‘intelligent, beautiful music’ which is quite nice of him to say. My new album ‘Dream Animal’ is coming out March 1st.

10 items on your rider

  1. Lots of good cold beer (and plenty of stubby holders to go round)
  2. Too much pizza 
  3. A bunch of kittens. It might be hard finding them all at the end of the night though 
  4. A brand new Fender Tele that was magically gifted to me
  5. An eye mask for when it’s nap time (maybe a king size bed to go with the eyemask)
  6. A massive record collection so I can chuck on some tunes before and after the show
  7. A photo album of loved ones if I’m on the road 
  8. A Nintendo Switch loaded up with Zelda: TOTK to pass the time
  9. A crossword book (gotta be Lovatts, they’re the best ones) to pass any extra time
  10. I’m sure everyone says this, but M&Ms with the brown ones taken out

The plug: 

My new album ‘Dream Animal’ is coming out March 1st!  https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/sainthill/dream-animal-3  

The launch show for it will be at the Gaso Upstairs on April 14th 

You can listen to my stuff on all the usual platforms – here’s my Spotify  https://open.spotify.com/artist/4hJXI7eJSKnPBEQD2kBpD5

Follow me on Instagram @sainthill_music

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