News: ABOUT NOOKY Nooky’s name has been built on the energetic shows he delivers and the work he has done behind the scenes as an esteemed producer. Across his career, he has shaken the stage with artists such as Urthboy, A.B. Original, Jimblah, The Daily Meds, as well as touring consistently alongside his mentor Briggs and produced tracks for Birdz, Caiti Baker and Tasman Keith. In 2016 he won the Australia Council’s Dreaming Prize for young Indigenous artists and last year released his raw and honest debut EP Junction Court receiving praise from the likes of Life Without Andy, The Music, Acclaim, Filter. Nooky has also appeared on tracks with artists such B Wise, P Smurf, Birdz, Sonboy and Manu Crooks plus featured on 2019’s Deadly Hearts 2 compilation album alongside Dan Sultan, Electric Fields, Busby Marou, Tia Gostelow and more. A fierce advocate for championing black excellence, Nooky has positioned his music and voice at the forefront of conversations around changing the date and educating others on the Nation’s true history.

Frank James, with his smooth blend of alternative-folk/ soul and RnB is releasing a laid-back, feel-good, island vibing single ‘Friday’ (Out November 13).

In 2017 Frank James debuted with ‘The Hopecity EP’ which he later followed up with the single ‘Slowly’ in 2019. The music video for ‘Slowly’ landed in the top 20 at the Clipped Music Video Festival alongside videos from G-Flip, Pekin Duck, the Veronicas and Guy Sebastian. The track also saw support from Triple J.

These previous releases were all focused around the acoustic guitar and easy-going, love-making beats. Now with the help of Dan Frizza at Forbes Street Studios (worked with The Waifs, G-Flip, Bernard Fanning and Montaigne), Frank James has upped the dynamic with ‘Friday’ that wears layers of volume-swelling electric guitars coated in big-room reverb and tremolo – all of which exude that mellow Frank James persona.

The volume-swelling electric guitar opens ‘Friday’ with a few chords before Frank James, with his warm tone, casually croons out the first verse. Falling in line for the second verse are the upbeat drums, bass and of course the acoustic guitar that plays into the lively feeling of the song. The track then shines in the chorus where the electric guitars burst as Frank James lets out his honeyed husk in a descending, tropical melody that flows so easily over the cool groove.

Naturally, the easy-going, “live for the day” energy in this track is contrasted by sarcastic lyrics about being “so damn cool” that highlights the underlying theme – the monotonous and seemingly pointless feeling of going out to get “f&*ked up”.  Frank James explains:

“‘Friday’ is about going out all the time and getting f&*ked up and how that can get a bit monotonous. Sure it’s fun sometimes but not all the time – I feel like its glorified these days so we kinda skim over why we’re doing it and how shitty it can and usually does make you feel. There was a period last year when I felt like that’s all I was doing night after night from the bar to kick-ons for much of the same debauchery, its all fun and games until you notice the sun is coming up and you’re coming down”

Frank James‘ departure from his acoustic-folk sounds to this full-band dynamic is a welcomed change that has shown to be a natural progression for him. ‘Friday’ is out November 13 and will be followed by a music video in the following weeks.