Appearing in a funk-heavy haze of electro-pop, coated in sugary synth textures and spangled with pinpoints of dazzling disco elements arrives Kalopsia, making her inevitable debut with engrossing new single ‘Retrospect’ (out February 25).The enrapturing musical project of Brisbane singer-songwriter Maia EfstathisKalopsia effortlessly melds electro-pop/ pop-funk and space disco to create sonic experiences that transcend reality whilst also remaining grounded in intimate tales of self-discovery and exploration.Now, with the release of debut single ‘Retrospect’Kalopsia invites us into her world of decadent basslines, hypnotic synths and intoxicating disco rhythms as her distinctive brand of anti-gravity pop seeps subtly into the skin.Floating in a limitless expanse, Kalopsia’s vocals melt with a melodic sweetness as deep funk grooves accompany gentle raindrops of sound, never losing the domineering disco-style beat that begs for a shimmering dance-floor moment. Echoing synths sparkle like iridescent stars as Kalopsia unveils the addictive lyrical hook living boldly in the chorus, where it builds steadily after each dreamlike verse, acting as a reminder not to be blinded by people that might be undeserving of your trust.A sonically ethereal song written about standing one’s ground, Kalopsia manages to relay the empowering message of ‘Retrospect’ through her songwriting, as she explains:‘Retrospect’ is about standing up for yourself in situations where you might’ve been shut down or manipulated by someone you trusted. It’s about looking back on these experiences and appreciating how much you’ve grown and learned since that time.”Known for her compelling live performances in and around Brisbane which are remembered as all-encompassing, slightly otherworldly experiences, Kalopsia’s official debut marks the beginning of plenty more to come from this talented artist.

Kalopsia’s debut single ‘Retrospect’ is out on now

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