Lottie Liams is back, and bursting through your door with sparkling new indie-pop track ‘Uncomfortable.’ Upbeat and danceable at first glance, this track comes laced with themes of frustration, manipulation and hypocrisy, turning the sound on its head and empowering all who hear. 

Since the release of her last track ‘Blame It All On Me’ earlier this year, Lottie has been writing up a storm and ‘Uncomfortable’ is sitting in its eye. The second release of what is soon to be the three-track Guide to Growing Thorns, ‘Uncomfortable’ speaks to moving beyond people who play the victim and exploit you; not letting them tear you down. 

With the help of producer Ben Stewart (Slowly Slowly), the team have created a soundscape that makes space for you to let out all your pent up frustration and to dance and sing along while you’re at it.

Using this newly allotted time to grow, social isolation has seen Lottie writing and adapting to the new world, playing online shows for both Isol-Aid Festival and her own single launch. Coming out of lockdown, her shows will see the addition of a live band, changing the pace and helping audiences fall for her like never before.




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