Sydney electro-pop songstress Lucy Neville has returned to us once again with yet anotheralluring pop single, a testament to almost-lovers for Wasting Our Time .

Wasting Our Time takes us through a moment we know we’ve all been through, meeting and finding a potential lover yet when it doesn’t work out, how do you feel? As if you’ve wasted all your time on relationship that never even was.

Lucy Neville’s sweet dream-like vocals call out over blissful synths, beats and a bouncing chorus to tell the story of her own potential love gone bust, realising they were simply, wasting each other’s time.

“I wrote Wasting Our Time about an almost-lover. Some loves are meant to last a lifetime, some only a moment. This track is me reflecting on a moment in time when I met an old friend, all grown up. For a moment it was something more, until it wasn’t. I think we’ve all had one of those loves,” said singer/songwriter Lucy Neville.

Whilst some loves may not last forever, Wasting Our Time will in our hearts, easily relating the same experience and feelings to a mass generation torn by online dating, ghosting, and giving an anthem to #wastemytime.

“If you love Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey, and Sia, this 19-year-old is sure to wow with her mesmerizing sound.”
Tehrene Firman – Teen Vogue

“Lucy Neville is a force to be reckoned with. Her intuition and polished talent when it comes to pop songwriting can’t be ignored, and her onstage presence is scientific in its brilliance. Addictive choruses, effortless delivery and lyrics that make you do a double take.”
Poppy Reid – Seventh Street Media.

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