ard driving, in your face, pure rock ‘n’ roll with spit and vinegar. A perfect combination of ‘70s style with the flamboyant, ‘80s showmanship, rocketed to the 21st century. – Brave Words
New Zealand’s female-fronted hellraisers, Mojo Alice potent combination of stomp rock & blues is back in fine form on new single Sad Face.
The band’s vocalist, Jem Tupe comments; “Sad Face is like a ‘lyrical caricature’ about what one hears when living with mental health issues, such as depression.  There is an almost narcissistic expectation to simply get over it, stop wallowing and ‘be normal’ whatever that is. Written from my own experiences and from a sarcastic perspective. sad face is me!
Overflowing with charisma, Mojo Alice have “the unapologetic balls of AC/DC, the darkness and soul of Robert Johnson and is the perfect music to drink and raise hell toosays NZ media outlet With over 160,000 Spotify streams and 3000 playlist adds in very short order, the band’s “fans first” approach is disrupting more than just expectations, and in the true spirit of rock n roll – Mojo Alice vowed to do things their own way…The bands debut album Liquid Sin (originally released in 2019) was recently remastered and reissued but it only left their fans hungry for more. So, Mojo Alice are preparing the second course, Chompin’ At The Bit due for release in late 2022Recorded in New Zealand and produced by Kentucky-based Jeff Westlake, “Chompin’ At The Bit” is made up of 10 high-energy, stomp rock tracks, oozing with attitude.
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