Launching today, new Australian-made digital music distribution company GYROstream arrives to change the game for independent artists with a unique artist services offering and globally competitive pricing model.

An anagram for Get Your Record OutGYRO aims to do just that and more for independent musicians. With extra globally-available services like vinyl production, playlist plugging and sync opt-in, plus publicity, grant writing and entertainment insurance for AU/NZ artists, GYROstream is creating a hub. It’s a place where world-class music services are easily accessible and available in one place, to everyone – not just those on a major label.

Offering a simple user-upload model similar to international players such as Tunecore and CD Baby;GYROstream competes fiercely on pricing. Signing up to the service hub and dashboard is free, with uploads costing just AUD$9.99 for ANY release (single, album or EP). GYROstream also offers the chance to reach digital audiences previously unattainable for independent artists. As well as servicing big western players like Spotify and Apple Music and 100+ others, GYROstream distributes to over 550 million active users across China’s five big music services.

The GYROstream team enter the project with a wealth of experience in the Australian music industry and an accelerated growth strategy in place. General Manager Andy Irvine says he’s thrilled to officially welcome the first artists to the service. “Our developers having been working overtime for months getting the site up to scratch, and it’s a huge honour to finally introduce it to Aussie musicians.” he says. “I am particularly excited about the fact we have a low-cost, homegrown digital distribution solution for all independent artists and labels, and so many supplementary support services available in the one place for them.”

“GYROstream was born with the aim of making things simple for independent musicians which is why we’ve grouped these services together. Many artists struggle with the overly complicated upload process and when things go wrong on release day, sometimes there’s a wait for up to three days to get help from customer service staff in Sweden, the UK or America. We are on the same timezone and we know the Australian and New Zealand market so we can respond quicker and with localised promotion advice.”

GYROstream’s Marketing Manager Viv Mellish also takes the reigns on the company’s key artist promotion service GYRO PR including playlist promotion and publicity.

“It’s been incredible to be involved with building this project from the ground up,” she says. “We know for an artist, seeing their first ever upload hit those first few thousands streams means a lot. Our aim is to really equip independent artists with the most up to date tools and practices available.”

“We’ve already secured some really exciting artists on the PR front and I’m so excited to see what we can achieve by combining our playlist promotion services to pitch both nationally and internationally.”

GYROstream is live now and ready to welcome artists. Check it out. 

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