Melbourne rockers Redro Redriguez & His Inner Demons will release their second full length album, Denim Daddy on July 26!
No one is sure just whats in the water (or other substances) in Melbourne but whatever it is, long may it continue to flow. Especially if it keeps leading to the cities stellar rock n roll output.
Known globally as the rock capital of the nation, Melbourne has always been more rock than its northern capital city neighbours and that fact ain’t about to change.
The long awaited second album from Redro Redriguez & His Inner Demons is about to grab you by the ears and rock you like a hurricane.
Denim Daddy is intense and intimate. It’s hard hitting lyrics touching on issues of toxic masculinity violence blind government and self determination and get your head thinking.
While its velvety, fuzz driven, melodic rock n roll gets your ass shaking.
Formed in 2013, Redro and his Demons called upon that golden triangle of 70’s rock, stoner and indie rock and are just like a long coastal drive behind a rumbling V8 a cool breeze mixing with the heat haze while you soak it all in.
It’s a strong massage, deep into sore muscles, as pummelling as it is soothing.
The album was tracked in a single three day session at Debasement Studios in suburban Melbourne. Recorded and produced by Redro, Denim Daddy features the amazing playing ofDanny Leo (Fluff, King of the North) on drums, Neil Wilkinson (Fluff, Redcoats) on Guitar, Mike Findlay (Dr Colossus, Dukes of Deliciousness) on bass guitar, and Adam Cole (Bugdust) on Guitar. The powerful vocals of Gemma Sharard (Skyscraper Stan) are a feature of album closerLike a Rat.
Denim Daddy will be unleashed to the public via two upcoming events
Redro Redriguez Denim Daddy Winter Warmer – Mini Fest
Sunday, August 5: Baha Tacos, Melbourne
Redro Redriguez & His Inner Demons
Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene
Two Headed Dog
Pseudo Mind Hive
La Bronco
Official Album launch
Friday, August 17: Cherry Bar, Melbourne
Red Redriguez
Stiff Richards
Ute Root
La Bronco
Tix via Eventbrite
Denim Daddy is available on all Digital Music Stores. Vinyl is also available at shows.
First album, Easy Magic, will soon be getting its first release on vinyl!

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