Pioneering electronic musician Tourist shares his fifth album ‘Memory Morning’ on April 19, on his own imprint Monday Records.

Following the successful releases of singles  ‘EST’, ‘Second Nature’, ‘A Little Bit Further’, ‘Valentine’, and ‘Crush’, ‘Memory Morning’ promises to deliver an immersive experience of nostalgia and disorientation, marking a captivating contrast to Tourist’s previous works. Reflecting on the album’s creative journey, Tourist shares, “‘Memory Morning’ is one of those albums that really took shape as I wrote it. Often my music draws from specific life events, but this album truly lives in and was born from my imagination. I wanted to write something that felt like it whisked you away, an album that felt like a ‘place’, its own world, somewhere you might find new corners with each listen.”

With ‘Memory Morning’, Tourist explores new sonic territories, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences, including shoegaze, psychedelic music, and the lush strangeness of artists like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, and The Avalanches. The album’s 10 tracks offer a rich tapestry of soundscapes, from swirling pianos to pulsating house beats, each contributing to an immersive and dreamlike atmosphere. Made with the same, simple home set-up he used during the pandemic – an OP1 synthesizer, a laptop, a smartphone – ‘Memory Morning’ moves away from explicit autobiography and towards a mood-based, instinctive style of electronic songwriting and composition.

Tourist further elaborates on the album’s concept, stating, “I wanted Memory Morning to be disorientating in the nicest possible way; to sound like a memory of the music you love.’ It’s the effervescent feeling of when you discover a new piece of music – and particularly in the act of listening on headphones, which is a miraculous experience that I think people take for granted, to feel as though you are physically inside the music.”

Growing up in London and Cornwall, Tourist fell in love with rave music played on pirate radio transmissions and club sound systems, which later evolved into a passion for the melodies of house and synth-pop, shaping the Tourist sound. Across several EPs, he has remixed a striking variety of artists, showcasing his versatility and creativity. After winning a Grammy Award in 2015 as a co-writer for Sam Smith’s massive hit single ‘Stay With Me’, he has released four albums under the moniker Tourist – 2016’s ‘U’, 2019’s ‘Wild’ and ‘Everyday’, and 2022’s ‘Inside Out’ – all on Monday Records.

Having garnered widespread acclaim for his previous album ‘Inside Out’, Tourist continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide with his innovative sound and soulful melodies. With accolades including a Grammy win and collaborations with industry giants like Sam Smith and The Weeknd, Tourist stands out as a visionary artist in the ever-evolving electronic music landscape. As the release of ‘Memory Morning’ approaches and with headline tours selling out rapidly, Tourist demonstrates that he is poised to captivate an even larger audience with his artistry.




  1. Lifted Out
  2. A Little Bit Further
  3. Valentine
  4. Siren
  5. Ithaca
  6. Blink
  7. EST
  8. Second Nature
  9. Crush
  10. Memory Morning


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