The highly-energetic alternative Wellington rock act, Voodoo Bloo, have today released their exciting new single, ‘Small’ – it follows on from the 2021-released single, ‘Skin’, with both tracks featuring on the upcoming sophomore Voodoo Bloo album, THE BLESSED GHOST out July 15 through PlasticGroove.

‘Small’ is a song about the “Peter Pan complex”, knowing you have to grow up no matter how hard the change may be. “In a way it was written not only to a younger self but also my mother, about my growth into a person, but the distance it’s made from memories long gone,” says Rory McDonald, frontman for Voodoo Bloo.

“Recording at Massey Studios with Greg Haver and Scott Seabright will be a time that I will forever cherish. I believe the final product of how this song came out really rips out the emotions behind the track in a soaring soundscape that will be fresh to specific sound expectations of fans of our band,” continues McDonald.

The announcement of the new 12-track album, THE BLESSED GHOST, welcomes a new frontier for Voodoo Bloo, as well as a new line-up consisting of Rory McDonald as lead singer and guitar, Daniel Maslen on guitar, Oli Cass on bass and Jackson Kidd on drums.

“This is a new era for Voodoo Bloo,” continues McDonald. “A new chapter of what we stand for and what we wish to create beyond our wildest imagination.”

“I started Voodoo Bloo as I wanted to start a new stage in my musical career, whilst still using the knowledge I gained from my previous band, to try and make something really special to me.”

THE BLESSED GHOST follows on from the success of Voodoo Bloo’s debut album JACOBUS, received well across New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the US. The band also played multiple charity shows for Lifeline Aotearoa (an organisation focused on suicide prevention and mental health treatment), and also released a music video for their  single ‘Ha Ha Ok OK’.

“The debut album JACOBUS was recorded at PlasticGroove HQ, and the same team were put together to create THE BLESSED GHOST – an album that has completely pulled the band from their past, and finally giving our listeners something that has all our signature sounds placed in a way you had never imagined before,” says McDonald.

A video is set to follow in the coming weeks, with the new album THE BLESSED GHOST to be released July 15! Voodoo Bloo’s ‘Small’ is out now. Listen HERE.

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