Aussie festival fave Boo Seeka has just dropped another perfect, sun-soaked new track, Dream, a song for escapists, for daydreamers, for those hoping, wishing for a different world, out today, December 2. Dream is a stunning return to Boo Seeka’s electro-pop roots, and follows the versatile artist’s most recent single, the affecting, melancholy, acoustic track Tripwire. Both singles are set to appear on the new Boo Seeka LP, scheduled for release in 2022. Boo Seeka will be hitting the road to play Byron Bay Beach Hotel, Queens Wharf Hotel Newcastle and Beyond The Cityin Melbourne through December, and will be jumping on the For The Love lineup that’ll take in Gold Coast, Wollongong, Melbourne and Perth in Feb and March 2022.

Dream sparkles, glistens; it demonstrates such a nuanced and impressive knowledge of pop songwriting paired with classic electronic production – Boo Seeka quite literally has it all. His soft, assured vocals offer hook after hook atop a sharp, shining bed of metallic beats. It’s easy to imagine this track going off at a summer festival, crowd heaving, moving in sync towards the drop. Speaking on the conception of the track, Boo reflects on some of his influences: “Given that the world is now stranger than it probably ever has been, indulging in the obscurities of life has been super important for my writing process. A world created by my imagination whilst sleeping is what inspired Dream, and was something that felt very easy to write down on paper. Also, I don’t usually listen to a lot of music when I’m creating, but for this song it was different. Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap was playing when I first started putting pen to paper, and I found myself putting the song on repeat while I wrote the whole track. This was the start of everything for this track.”

There certainly is a clear nod to Imogen Heap and her iconic production in Dream, but it also evokes the likes of James Blake, RÜFÜS DU SOL, Glass Animals, even fans of Tame Impala will find something to like in this beauty. It’s the kind of chill, hooky electro pop that feels universally appealing – irresistible, impossible not to tap your feet along to. It’s just another example of Boo Seeka’s uncanny ability to capture emotion – whether it’s an acoustic, guitar-driven song or a pumping electro hit, he hits the nail on the head every time. Reflecting on his own versatility, Boo says, “I love the fact that people can recognise a previous Boo Seeka track as soon as it’s being spun. However, I think the development of my songwriting has been exploring different ideas, different emotions that are created with different sounds. The diversity in the production of the record that is coming in 2022 is something we are really proud of, and can’t wait to share it.”

Lucky fans will be able to hear Dream live at Boo Seeka’s December shows in NSW, as Boo gives audiences a taste of what to expect from the tour: “Typical of a Boo show, there is a whole lot of energy on stage, and we just hope that we can provide the best time possible for people that pay their hard-earned money to be there. SHOWS ARE BACK!!! LET’S GO!!!”

Dream is out now on Disrupt Music Group.

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