Australian Shakespeare Company

Presents Tinkerbell and The Dream Fairies

Ripponlea Estate


Set among the picturesque Ripponlea Estate, the Australian Shakespeare Company brings magic to these school holidays with the delightful Tinkerbell and the Dream Fairies.

Tinkerbell arrives in quite a state, she’s lost her wings while swimming, so how will she ever get back to Neverland?

Thankfully the Dream Fairies are her to save the day, help Tinkerbell find her wings and her way home.

With an array of songs and some audience participation from all the junior fairies and elves, we embark on a magical adventure to help Tinkerbell fly back  to the second star to the right, and straight on till morning.

With a cast of acrobatic fairies, what can go wrong? The flips and cartwheels of the magical group are sure to help Tinkerbell find her way.

Tinkerbell and the Dream Fairies is a delightful adventure full of original songs that are catchy and fun, and always call for a little audience participation. With a cast that’s energetic performance never once wavered, Tinkerbell’s journey is nothing but pure enjoyment.

Adding to the enjoyment of the performance, towards the finale, Tinkerbell calls on the audience to play among the bubbles and help her find her wings. It’s a moment for adults and children to laugh and have fun, and among the flowers of the estate try to help find the lost wings.

From the start to the end, Tinkerbell is a performance for children and the inner child in all of us.

The cast work in perfect unison to deliver a show that lets children become captivated and adults escape back to their childhood. From Maddison Luatutu as Peaseblossom to Sue-Ellen Shook as Moth, each member brings an energetic and polished performance to the stage, using minimal props. As the only male fairy of the troupe Coleman Shook as the Mustard Fairy dives right into the role giving an enthusiastic and entertaining performance, adding an extra dimension to the show. Special mention goes to Cierra Shook for her performance as Cobweb- her acrobatics are spectacular.

Sometimes even as adults we need a little magic to make us remember the joys of being a child, and Tinkerbell and the Dream Faires does just that.

Words by Amanda Lee Starkey


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