the gaslight anthem-11


The Tivoli, Brisbane
Thursday January 29, 2015

‏Walking onto the stage, The Gaslight Anthem are here to do a job. That job is to play some music and it is clear that the band mean business. ‏With little introduction or fan fare, Brian Fallon gets right into it, much to the delight of his fans. Dedicated fans line the pit, fists pumping and lungs bursting as they sing along to every number. Several crowd members are almost frenzy-like in their adoration of the band.

Touring to promote their latest album, Get Hurt, the New Jersey quartet of rockers take to the show with minimal fuss and polished perfection. ‏The crowed has been warmed up by Indie Rocker, Chris Farren, and are chomping at the bit to hear the latest from the very popular American band as they play to a packed room.

‏Playing crowd favourites such as ’59 Sound’ and ‘Hand Written’, it is a mix of old and new music for the 90 minute set. At one stage Fallon teases the crowd by playing a few bars of the classic ‘Jesse’s Girl’. The crowd laps it up so he basks in the adoration and plays a few verses.

‏He’s not a talkative man, not tending to introduce the songs much, Fallon would rather just play. ‏The only time he really does talk is when over enthusiastic fans yell out song requests. Then we see glimmers of a cheeky personality shine through. At one stage a fan yells for an autograph, holding up what looks to be a picture of the band. Fallon responds by hauling the guy on stage, introducing him as Matt and dedicating the next song to him. It’s a song about “Not being a dummy when you grow up“.

‏For much of the show the band are pretty consistent, playing each song with ease; transitioning from one song to the next. The songs have a tendency to sound the same, but it is a good sound and enjoyable to listen to.

‏Closing with the crowd clapping to ‘The Backseat’ at 10:15pm, the evening abruptly comes to an end without an encore and the band promptly leaves the stage as the house lights come up. There is no need for any thing more, the band have come to do a job, and they did that well.

Reviewer and Photographer: Amanda Starkey


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