[CD Review] BUSH – Man On The Run



‏As time goes by most bands over time tend to create a new sound, explore new styles and evolve. ‏In the case of British grunge band Bush, this is not so. For the last decade they have been making the same music album after album. ‏The album is rather bland over all, with some very forgettable tracks.

‘Man on the Run’ is in theory a good concept for a song, just poorly constructed and badly produced. With some work it could have been a good song, the interesting theme is there, just not any song writing craft to make it work. Much of the album sticks to dated grunge sounding tracks.

‏’Broken in Paradise’ has an intro that sounds like the opening theme to a bad 90s TV show. It could feature in a Baywatch montage, David Hasselhoff splashing through the waves. ‘The Golden Age’ borrows too much from old Alice in Chains guitar riffs and closes this rather bland album, the song at times very repetitive before sliding into some weird unknown territory towards the end of the track. ‘Loneliness is a Killer’ is just more of the same grunge – slightly ramped up guitars – but grunge all the same with forgettable lyrics and no attention grabbing riffs.

‏Whilst Gavin Rossdale has a decent voice, it is a shame that poor song writing and lack lustre producing really spoil this album. It is a shame that the band have not really branched out and tried anything new. The album really is devoid of stadium anthems like Bush classics ‘Everything is Zen’ and ‘The Chemicals Between Us’. ‏’Dangerous Love’ and ‘The Gift’ come close to being moderately good songs but on an album that is full of mediocrity, both tracks tend to get a little lost.

‏What Bush needs is a good over haul and some new direction to grab the attention of new and old listeners. In the ’90s they produced some great music but have failed to maintain the brilliance of debut album Sixteen Stone. Sadly, this album falls very short of the mark this time.

Reviewer: Amanda Starkey


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