[CD Review] KYLIE – Kiss Me Once



Kicking off her Kiss Me Once tour in Europe this week Kylie is once again out to prove that she is indeed the Princess of Pop. Releasing her twelfth studio album earlier this year Kylie has delivered another electro-dance album that is pure pop at it’s very best.

The lead single ‘Into the Blue’ debuted badly on the charts with it being her only single ever to not have entered in the top 20 for Kylie. However it is a very catchy single with an uplifting message and some very clever producing. The lyrics are fun, inspirational and self-empowering.

Fast paced dance track ‘Million Miles’ is a fun, simple track that will be a club sensation over the summer assured to be lighting up dance floors all over the world. The pulsating up-tempo of the track makes it a sure fire winner for the dance scene.

Hit-maker Pharell Williams steps into writing and producing duties for the encouraging ‘I Was Gonna Cancel’, a song penned based on Kylie’s own experience meeting the producer. She was having a bad day and almost did not meet up for the collaboration so Williams penned the track for her. It stands out as one of the more marketable songs on the album and has the distinct Williams feel, reminiscent of his other uplifting tracks (recent hit ‘Happy’ comes to mind).

This album is defiantly one of Kylie’s sexiest releases to date. However at no time does the album come across as sleazy or smutty. It is pure class the whole way and Kylie delivers with style and sophistication, albeit just a touch of camp thrown in for good measure.

‘Sexersise’ being a prime example, the song even with its raunchy title is sensual and sexy and never once smutty or vulgar. It is simply Kylie doing what she does best – enticing her listeners with sultry tones and suggestive vocals.

Across the album the theme of self-empowerment really stands out and Kiss Me Once is a collection of uplifting tracks that allude to the notion that life is meant to be enjoyed one glitter filled party at a time. Pop Princess Kylie proves that she delivers an album that is fresh, fun and motivating all at once. With limited marketing and promotion for this album, Kylie proves that all the fuss is not needed when she is more than capable of delivering what is truly important – and that is simply great music.

Reviewer: Amanda Starkey


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