[CD Review] LENNY KRAVITZ – Strut



‏The very title of his latest album, Strut, suggests that this is what Lenny Kravitz is here to do, to swagger and strut with some very sexual undertones in this his tenth studio album.

‏In this release Lenny has returned to what he does best: sexy lyrics and big guitar riffs. He opens with ‘Sex’, a track that is heavy on drums and invitation. He is sexy and raunchy to open the album, but sex appeal is what Kravitz does best.

‏’Dirty White Boots’ continues along the theme of sex with some heady lyrics and powerful visual imagery. It’s clear what Kravitz is getting at when he sings this song. It’s sexy and a little cheeky rolled into some exceptional guitar. It is the stand out track for the album and shows why even at 50 years old, Kravitz is still a solid sex symbol for women the world over.

‏With the track ‘New York City’, Kravitz pays homage to a city that has been immortalised in song time and time again. He makes the city sound like a woman, a woman that Kravitz is in love with. It’s a new take on an old theme with a nice saxophone solo.

‏’Frankenstein’ takes things a different way and is a song that deals with the themes of a man in need of love, a woman that is never satisfied. It’s an average track and not really a stand out; albeit the exceptional guitar work is quite rock and roll and very good.

‏As a rock album goes, Kravitz delivers a no-nonsense album that is simply easy to listen to and invariably sexy. It’s what Kravitz does best, and even with his hiatus from the music scene as he has forayed into acting (currently starring in The Hunger Games series as Cinna), Kravitz has returned to his roots.

Reviewer: Amanda Starkey


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