[CD Review] SLASH – World on Fire

‏He’s been a Gunner, a Velvet Revolver, but these days legendary guitarist Slash prefers to just go by his own name: Slash. ‏Teaming up for their third album, Slash brings it home with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. Shedding the skin of previous incantations Slash has proved that he is a stalwart ‏of the music industry. It would have been a shame if one of the best guitarists (even if nobody has ever really seen his face) hung up his Les Paul Gibson for good.

‏Delivering what is a long album with 17 tracks, even if you don’t like it, you sure get value for money; all 77 mins of value. It is hard to digest all in one go – best off to split it up and listen over several attempts. Keeping with his rock roots, there is some brilliant guitar work throughout the album and just that alone is outstanding to listen to, at times over shadowing the lyrics and the rest of the composition.

‏’Wicked Stone’ kicks off with great chunky riffs that are fast and heavy, keeping a good pace throughout. Myles Kennedy has a sufficient voice, even though at times it is a little reminiscent of Axl Rose, without the arrogance.

‏Opening with a strange folk into what is a little profane, ‘The Dissident’ is one of the album highlights, a slowed down song that is just a little different to the rest of the album, showing that Slash is not afraid to step away from the big solos that a majority of the album consists of.

‏Much of the album is packed with big solos which really showcase Slash’s technique as a guitarist. ‘Safari Inn’ is the only instrumental of the album and as it traverses it really takes flight. It begs the question – will Slash make an album of just guitar?

‏Whilst the album is a long 77 minutes, it at times has shades of brilliance. Ending the album in style with the seven minute ‘The Unholy’, the album goes out in style. They really saved the best for last. Overall the album is a good rock album, even if at times the guitar tends to take over and the singing becomes a little superfluous. Hopefully one day Slash will leave out the singing and just release an album of just guitar like Joe Satriani has done for many years. Only time will tell if Slash goes down that path, until then keep on playing that Les Paul and letting your fans enjoy it.



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