There has been a certain amount of publicity surrounding the new movie from funny men Seth Rogan and James Franco. There have been treats from North Korea, a movie shut down from Sony and a whole bunch of controversy. But is the movie actually any good.

Rogan and Franco have been pairing in movies since the wildly successful The Pineapple Express and have had a few hits and misses since then. Last time they got together for This Is The End, Franco and Rogan fell flat with a not-so-funny apocalyptic movie that at times verged on ridiculous.

The Interview starts off with a North Korean child singing what is meant to be the national anthem – garnering a few cheap laughs at the onset. James Franco plays Dave Skylark, a flashy all-smiles TV host. Franco plays the role well and over acts it with finesse and believability. Seth Rogan is his side-kick yet again in the role of Aaron Rapoport, a socially awkward TV producer. Together the two run popular tabloid interview show, Skylark Tonight. Sick of not being taken seriously by their colleagues Skylark and Rapoport make a pact to start producing more high calibre interviews.

When they land an interview with surprise fan, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, the two are ecstatic and think they have finally made it and will gain creditability. They are soon recruited by the CIA to fulfil an assassination mission and this is where trouble ensues for the hapless pair.

Whist the movie garners a few laughs at the beginning, by the second act it loses momentum and beings to border on the ridiculous and unbelievable. There are numerous Lord of the Rings references and at the start this is quite funny, however by the end of the movie the overdone references become tedious.

Just like 2013 release, This Is The End, the movie begins well enough and has a few good laughs. It quickly loses the viewer with re-hashed jokes and smutty one-liners. Most of the jokes involve cheap innuendo and double entrendres that just seem overdone. Rogan and Franco do have great on screen chemistry but the jokes tend to miss the mark most of the time.

The Interview has garnered a lot of attention with all of the controversy that has surrounded it. With it being pulled from cinemas, a statement from Barrack Obama and a threat of war from North Korea, it begs to question would this movie have receive the publicity that is has, if the subject matter was different? Probably not. Is this movie one that should be taken as offensively as it has? No, it’s not that offensive at all. Will it be the most downloaded movie of 2014/2015? Yes.



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