[Live Review] MILEY CYRUS (Brisbane)


Brisbane Entertainment Centre
‏Wednesday October 15, 2014

‏Hordes of young girls shunning individuality with over-painted faces, some of them are sans pants on the trip to see teen idol Miley Cyrus, hair trussed up and make up over done emulating her. They are on a sojourn to listen to their pop idol, displaying her catalogue of songs from the new album, Bangerz. Tonight her arena is the Brisbane Entertainment Centre where she will sing, gyrate and entertain the masses of teens who worship her, the stage her altar and the crowd her parish. Love her or hate her, Miley Cyrus has the world’s attention.

‏The foyer is a buzz with excitable young girls, all out trying to out do each each other with various costumes as the music of relatively unknown support act thumps. It is Miley they are here to see and anything before is inconsequential.

‏Ushered into the back stage area, walking down the corridor and then entering the arena thrust into a sea of fans, framed by large colourful balloons in a myriad of shapes and colours. The crowd are waiting with baited breath for their heroine and voice of a generation to come on stage. The atmosphere is electric; one spark and this place will ignite.

‏The house lights go down and a huge larger than life projection of Miley’s face is staring down at the crowd, mouth agape and eyes staring from side to side. Slowly a large tongue escapes from the gaping maw and down slides the resplendent Miley Cyrus, adorned in orange and white. A melee of back up dancers surround her and it is a mixture of dancers and costumed characters – in the middle there is the ring leader, Miley. At one stage there is a dancer with a cut out mask of Britney Spears circa 1998; perhaps a jibe at her pop rival, but it is gone too soon to speculate.

‏Projections light up the screen behind, at times the vision is incoherent an assault on the scenes as the music pulsates and the young songstress gyrates. The song is titled ‘SMS( Bangerz)’ and Miley is rapping, the beat is thumping; camera shutter clicks in a flurry of lightening speed snaps capturing every hectic moment.

‏A large gingham horse prances around the stage, perhaps a homage to Miley’s Nashville routes as she momentarily disappears to change costume. Images of chickens thrust into vision. ‏A large gold car arises like a Phoenix and Miley is a top, singing and gyrating in sync to the beat. It is very sexual in nature, exposure of Miley’s derrière as she belts out her thrusting music. Back up dancers, shirtless and shining surround her.

‏A sea of mobile phones thrust into the air, capture videos of moments that will never be watched again but will be long remembered by her legion of adoring fans. For this is one show that is high energy, unique and certainly memorable. She is an engaging performer, foul mouthed but a spectacle to capture.

‏All too soon the allotted three songs of shooting are over and it is time to leave. The beat thumps in my head as I exit the arena, one last glimpse of Miley Cyrus.

Reviewer and Photographer: Amanda Starkey


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