[CD Review] MADONNA – Rebel Heart


It seems that the best way to garner publicity these days for a release is to “leak” songs from an up and coming “unfinished” album. That is exactly what has happened with Madonna’s latest album, Rebel Heart. Now either some record companies have the worst security in the world or this is just a clever marketing ploy to grab attention for an album that would probably slip by unnoticed. Madonna quickly released several tracks in a bid to thwart these pesky hackers.

‏Madonna will always have her strong fan base in the LGBT community, there is no doubt about that. But for mainstream listeners it is a bit of tired music from a woman that was once great. Judging by the release so far this album is a collection of over produced tracks that are confusing and at times down right annoying to listen to.

‏’B**tch I’m Madonna’ is a horrible, annoying track that has a loop in the intro that is reminiscent of that awful Duck Sauce, ‘Barbara Streisand’ mess that did the rounds a few summers ago. It is equally annoying and as horrible to listen to. Madonna feels the need to remind everyone that she is still partying hard at her age. The production just does not work and it ends up feeling like a carrot grater on your ears.

‘Heartbreak City’ is perhaps meant to be a break up song, unfortunately it just ends up sounding bitter. Madonna has always written great break up songs ( think ‘Human Nature’) but this is just not a great song. It lacks the attitude of the classic ‘Human Nature’ and comes across as a poorly thought out stab at some of her recent relationships with younger fame-hungry boyfriends.

‏The entire album is just a bit inconsistent with several tracks that start off with guitar introductions, following through to a dance laden chorus, tending to be a bit confusing. ‘Borrowed Time’ starts off as a ballad and by the chorus morphs into a club anthem. ‘Devil Pray’ is also another confusing, poorly produced track with some terrible sampling and loops.

‏Thus far the album has not done that great on the charts and it is easy to see why. It is not an album that is easy to listen to, at times trying to be gospel, then swaying to dance and throwing in a little acoustic guitar to confuse things even further. There is not much that can save this album and hopefully Madonna will get it right next time, after all the world expects a lot from a woman who has always been great.



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