[Live Review] BEC LAUGHTON



bec laughton-8


The Motor Room, West End, Brisbane
‏Saturday January 31, 2015 :

‏Whilst there are so many artist out there these days that have either won Australian Idol type shows or have rich parents buying them air time, it is refreshing to see there is one girl who is putting in the hard yards to make it to the top of the music game. ‏That girl is the cute, down to earth powerhouse Brisbane local, Bec Laughton. The petit sassy redhead has a voice to be reckoned with and is here tonight in the grungy West End den that is known as The Motor Room.

‏Whether she is singing about “loving you Redhead-style” or jamming out to some Jamaican influenced style beats, it is clear that Bec is enjoying herself. She is one of the only performers that does not just come on stage, plays a few songs and leaves. Bec clearly loves to perform, have a great time and it is all about having the most fun possible. She dances, jumps about and thrashes her trademark red locks around the stage. Her energy is infectious and her voice is powerful. Her small army of fans clearly love her for it.

‏Her music is a mix of soul and funk with just a dash of Indie. Take the time to really listen to her lyrics ( if you can tear your eyes away from that hair) and it is clear that Laughton is a pretty gifted song writer. ‘Gonna Love You’ may have some beautiful melodies but listen hard and you hear her sing “I love you so much I want to break both your legs so you can’t walk away from my love” in a honey sweet voice.

‏During her set she invites some local break dancers to come out and amaze the crowd with their impressive moves and the audience goes wild. They back flip and spin in a frenzy as the band plays and Bec looks on. A little bit of cuteness is thrown in when Bec’s youngest fan spins a few moves to wrap it up. He may be only five but the little guy can move.

‏Sadly tonight’s performance is Bec Laughton’s last show in Australia before she leaves to head overseas, so she won’t be seen on our shores for a while. It’s clear tonight is a bitter sweet moment for Laughton; whilst the world is her oyster right now she will be leaving behind her family and friends to embark on a new journey. But tonight she just wants to enjoy herself and savour every last moment.

Reviewer and Photographer: Amanda Starkey


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