[Live Review] The Basics

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The Basics Valentines Day Busk


It was a warm Valentine’s Day night for the lovers and lost souls alike on the warm Saturday evening when The Basics took to the stage. Warm air and love filled the night as the band played a mixture of covers and originals.

Consisting of Wally de Backer (better known as Gotye), Kris. J. Schroder and Tim Heath the band are easy going and casual. De Backer sits behind the drums tonight, letting the other two take the lead. Even behind the drums De Backer is charismatic and smiling. The drums can’t hide his obvious stage presence.

Sticking to the love theme, The Basics performed mostly love songs for the hour long set. Sticking to a catalogue of older songs by The Beatles and George Harrison it is clear these boys know their music, throwing in a very funky cover of The Beatles “Come Together” which has the crowd up and dancing.

The evening is very casual and easy going. The trio take turns in singing and harmonise together exceptionally well. They make the occasional joke and are very relaxed. Taking turns to sing The Travelling Wilburys “Handle me with care”, they stumble through it and fluff the words; De Backer chuckling to his band mates as he misses a verse completely. Nobody notices and they pick it back up. Everyone is having too much fun to even care.

Wrapping up the evening with a quick encore The Basics have come along to entertain the crowd tonight and have done a fantastic job of keeping it light, getting the crowd up dancing and making sure that this Valentine’s Day is one to remember.



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