[Movie Review] Jupiter Ascending



Jupiter Ascending

Our fates are all written in our stars is the opening message that begins the epic journey of new movie Jupiter Ascending, the latest offering from the Wachowski’s. Famous for The Matrix trilogy the Wachowski’s have stuck with the sci-fi future theme that they love so well.

The story centres on Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) a young Russian- American who is plucked from her routine boring life into the fight for the galaxy and her life. Unbeknownst to Jupiter (and the rest of the human race) Earth is a part of a harvesting plant, farmed for a youth serum used by rich entitled royalty the galaxy over. When the Queen of the Galaxy and matriarch the powerful House of Abrasax, her children Balem (Eddie Redmayne), Kalique (Tuppence Middleton), and Titus (Douglas Booth) go into battle over her estate.

Being the reincarnation of their dead mother Jupiter Jones is thrown into the fight when Titus sends a mercenary to collect Jupiter in the form of a genetically engineered warrior named Caine (Channing Tatum). On their tail are some intergalactic bounty hunters to throw some confusion in the mix. At least Stinger (Sean Bean) is there to help him get her to safety and earn back their wings.




Trouble ensues as the sibling’s battle to gain control of the galaxy and each of them allows their plans to unfold. Caine must step in to help her do battle against the three and regain control and ownership of Earth.

The movie is visually spectacular with broad sweeping landscapes and stunning imagery. The costuming and make up are exceptional. However the story line at times is confusing and a little clunky. The chemistry between Jupiter and Caine is comical as she tries to make him understand that she likes him – even if he is beneath her. It adds to a bit of light humour to the otherwise heavy and at times confusing story line.

Mila Kunis is great at playing feisty Jupiter and she takes on the role with gusto. She may be diminutive but she plays the role with enthusiasm. Tatum is his usual brooding self as Caine and the two are relatively acceptable on screen. As the evil Balem, Eddie Redmayne was not overly believable and the character voice that he chose to use for the role is creepy. He does not play a villain well and a better actor could have been chosen for the role. Sean Bean is his reliable in the role of the loveable fallen rouge and like a familiar friend is always great to see on screen,

Overall the movie is at times confusing and a little hard to follow but the amazing special effects make up for the holes in the story line. It is a relatively easy movie to watch, however coming from the brilliance of the Wachowski’s it is a little disappointing that the movie is not as amazing as The Matrix trilogy, however it is still enjoyable enough.





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