[Live Review] Soundwave

Soundwave 2015

Feburary 28- March 01

This year’s Soundwave saw some of the heavy weights of both grunge and metal come out in full force for the two day extravaganza of live music that was a feast for music lovers of all ages.

Headlining the two day event were Slipnot, Slash, Fall Out Boy,  The Smashing Pumpkins Judas Priest and Fear Factory to name a few for the first day. Crowds gathered across the five- stage arena that played host to some of the biggest names.

Billy Corgan kept it mellow for most of The Smashing Pumpkins set, cranking it up for 1979 and Bullet with Butterfly Wings to take it up a notch. He displayed some amazing guitar work playing mostly tracks from the new album. Goosebumps were a plenty when he launches into classic Disarm. 


Slash and Myles Kennedy play several new tracks from the album, but for most of the set it is a trip back in time playing mostly old Guns N Roses back catalouge. Welcome to the Jungle, really gets the crowd going and Myles Kenneday has a voice that is so similar to Axl Rose that it is uncanny.


Marrilyn Manson enters the arena with a lot of pomp and drama dressed in a black corset and covered in strange make up. He gyrates, falls down and spits great globs of spittle all over the stage. The Beautiful People and Sweet Dreams are highlights of the set, but for the most part  a bloated Manson struggles.


Fall Out Boy play to smaller Stage 3 but have packed the arena. Patrick Vaughn Stump may be the lead singer but it is Pete Wentz that leads the show. He is charasmatic and engaging telling the audience anecdotes and stories. Thanks for the Memories and This Ain’t a Scence, It’s an Arms Race  are definite crowd pleasers with stunning visuals beingplayed on the big screeen.



Heading into day two Fear Factory play under the warm sun and get the crowd worked up. There are mowhaws and dreadlocks thrashing about.  Things get a bit a rough over at Colour Morale with some over enthustiastic crowd surfers and heavy handed security.


Steele Panther prove that it does not take much talent, good vocals or a good song writing skills for some. They are vulgar and disguting with the dozens of topless women on stage bounding around to disgise the fact that the lead singer really does not have a good voice or any vocal range. Maybe they are a noevelty for some, but they really are just vulgar and talentless.

Brandon Boyd however is on-pointe with his vocals fronting Incubus. He is erratic and moves all about the stage, lost in the moment entirely. Playing a back catalouge of hits including Nice to know you and Make Yourself  Brandon Boyd is exceptional to watch. Sometimes it is like the crowd is not there, he is enjoying himself that much.


Chris Cornell hails the triumphant return of Soundgarden by opening with classic hit Spoonman. The rest of the set is a range of hits from the albums spanning across more that 15 years of music. My Wave, Black Hole Sun and The Day I tried to Live taking the crowd back to the 90s and teenage angst.



Wrapping up the weekend are Faith No More. Decorating the stage with hundreds of flowers in every shape and description. Dressed all in white with floral leis the bad look like they have just emerged from an Indian Ashram. Visually the show is quite entertaining, but it is front man  Mike Paton that has the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. He seems quite amused that Brisbane is affectionalty named BrisVegas, and he throws in a few of his own suggestions ” BrisYork, BrisAngeles, BrisFransisco or are we Taking a Briss?” gesturing. He is charasmatic and charming with a sensational voice.  Classics  older hits Epic and  Last Cup of Sorrow are absolute wonders to hear live with Paton really showing his amazing vocal range.



With the weekend closing up it has been a journey back in time from some of the bands and some discovering of new bands. It has been a feast for ears and eyes alike. Like a soldier going into battle, we all have emerged from the weekend a little weary and bruised but with some great memories.







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