[Live Review] Katie Noonan

Katie Noonan

The Triffid, March 28

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Queensland’s sweetest nightingale and all round nice girl Katie Noonan is here to enrapture and enchant the audience in her return to the stage with her band Vanguard. It is a rare event to see her in her element with a hand picked line up of talented musicians. Touring to celebrate the release of her new EP ” Peace is My Drug”, an independent release primarily funded through a PledgeMusic campaign that she has launched.

Dressed in a simple black dress with her trademark red curls back- lit illuminating her in a halo of light, it is the audience who are taken on a journey through the pages of her life. Each song a new page as she explains the details of how each song is written giving the listener an insight into the world through Katie Noonan’s eyes. It’s refreshing to listen to the stories that emotionally connect her to the music and takes us into her intriguing life. It’s rare for musicians to be so candid and have the ability to still a room like Noonan does and it is quite astonishing to watch. At times she is apologetic for this, however it makes the experience that much more enjoyable. There is a camaraderie with her and the band that ties the performance together really well and her humility is endearing.

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She plays music that has depth and meaning, songs that she dedicates to friends and family and of course her husband. She speaks of visiting Arthur Boyd’s artists retreat Bundanon where she has penned much of her music in recent years. Displaying talent on both keyboard and log drum Noonan’s music has an ephemeral feel that glides over the listener like a feather caught in the breeze. Her classical vocal training is eerily beautiful and closing your eyes it will transport you to another time and place. When she sings new single “Peace is My Drug” a moving song the whole room is collectively amazed; even if you are unfamiliar with her music she is an experience worth listening and paying attention to.

This evening at The Triffid, Katie Noonan gathered together musicians Stu Hunter ( bass, keys and backing vocals) Declan Kelly ( percussion, drums and backing vocals) and newcomer Ben Edgar ( who incidentally plays guitar for Angus and Julia Stone) and took her listeners on a sojourn of sound, weaving a tapestry of love, loss, pain, joy and the very essence of life to create a memorable snap shot of her art. She has left the door open for her listeners to enter this new chapter of her music and it is a path that her loyal fans are only too happy to travel with her.


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