[Movie Review] Age of Adeline


Age of Adeline

Movie Review


After a freak accident that renders Adeline Bowman (Blake Lively) unable to age she miraculously remains youthful for six decades. Being that she can’t age she spends her existence running from town to town avoiding love and living a real life. Changing her identity each time she moves she creates a new identity.

When Adeline as her current incantation of Jenny bumps into the handsome Ellis Jones (Michiel Huisman) whilst riding the elevator at a part he reignites her passion for life and love. Ellis introduces her to his world and enchants her with romantic poems and fanciful dates.

When Ellis invites her to his family home for his parents (Harrison Ford and Kathy Baker) wedding anniversary she meets his father who threaten to reveal the truth about Adeline and she must make some choices that will affect her life and her destiny forever.

Set against the back drop of San Francisco the city makes for a beautiful back drop cinematically. The mist and the Golden Gate Bridge add to the soft romance of the movie creating a classic atmosphere that is timeless and breath taking.THE AGE OF ADALINE

In the role of Adeline, Blake Lively is a classic beauty with old world style and sophistication. She plays the role with maturity and depth. As the romance unfolds Adeline revitalizes and learns to live again but she is somewhat aloof until she realizes that she must either tell him or lose him.

The film whist there is a stretch of reality it is all explained to the viewer in a vintage newsreel style that is rather interesting. The film is rather pleasant to watch and very sweet. It is a melodic harmony between story line and scenery. The movie wraps up the story quite nicely and leaves the viewer quite satisfied. Director Lee Toland Krieger has done a much nicer job of this film (much nicer incumbent than Jesse and Celeste Forever) and it is one that will appeal to a wide range of audiences.


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