[Movie Review] Fast & furious 7


Furious-7In the seventh installment of popular film franchise The Fast and the Furious one of the most successful film franchises to date. In the latest installment there are just as many thrills, spills and jaw dropping stunts from American director James Wan.

This film follows Dominic Torreto ( Vin Diesel) and his team who have all returned to America after taking down Owen Shaw. Brian ( Paul Walker)  has returned to a quiet life as a Dad and is doing  school runs, Dom is trying to help Letty regain her lost memories and life all seems pretty normal.

Little do the team know that Owen has an older more vicious brother Deckard Shaw who is after vengeance and starts hunting the team to terminate them all.  He is one cold killer that will stop at nothing to exact revenge. Breaking into Decetive Hobbs ( Duane ” The Rock ” Johnson) office to steal information on the locations of the team he sets out to take them out one by one. Starting off with Tokyo team member Han, Shaw then sends a bomb to Toretto’s house and it is then that the hunt is really on.

In steps a special ops team led by Frank Petty ( Kurt Russell) who calls himself  Nobody he bargains with Dom to help them catch Shaw using a highly sophisticated tracking device called God’s Eye. Petty wants it, Dom and his team can get it and save the creator Ramsay in the process who is being held captive by mercenary Jakande.



So begins the high-octane game of cat and mouse that takes the team to Azerbaijan to first rescue Ramsay and then over to Abu Dhabi to retrieve a flash drive that the software is stored on. They track Shaw using the God’sEye to an abandoned warehouse where they plan to ambush him.  Awaiting Dom is Jakande ready to steal back the God’s Eye and a gunfight ensues.

With the God’s Eye now in Jakande’s possession the crew choose to lead Shaw back to Los Angeles and home turf where they can finally finish things.  A fast and furious chase across town using Ramsay at bait lures them in a final show down to get back the God’s Eye and get rid of Shaw once and for all.

As  movies go the film is full of amazing stunts and some impressive driving. Classic cars are once again featured in this thrill a minuet rollercoaster ride of an action film. There are moments where the viewer is literally holding their breath to see if much beloved characters will survive. Some of the stunts are a little unrealistic, but that does not matter as it so much fun.  There are puns and cheesy moments that are quite silly, but this is the style that viewers have come to love about the film franchise.

Tragically during the filming of the movie main star Paul Walker was killed during a vehicular accident. The movie production stopped and was almost shelved, until rewrites were done and Walkers own brothers were able to step in and allow filming to be compleated.  Knowing that this was Walker’s last film one expects him to be written out in a blaze of glory. However his actual send off is done very sweetly ( and is a tear jerker) and with grace. There is a moment when the lines feel like they’re not being acted and Walker’s co-stars really are saying goodbye to their friend. It’s very touching and the final tribute as the credits roll is enough to break any fans heart.

The film has very cleverly been left open for another installment and has thus far seen quite an amount of popularity. Whether or not the film can still be successful without the popular Walker remains to be seen.


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