[ CD Review] Ben Lee Love Is The Great Rebellion


It seems like Ben Lee has matured a little more with his 10th studio release  Love is the Great Rebellion and is in a much happier place compared to Awake is the New Sleep. Returning to his pop sound after the somewhat experimental yet interesting 2013 release  Ayahuasca: Welcome to the Work.

Lead single  Big Love is a ukulele leaden track and one  that is a lot of fun and very catchy tune that will do well on the airwaves. For the most part the album is upbeat including fun tracks Giving Up On Miracles  and Goodbye to Yesterday it is clear Ben is in a happy place. He even makes the heavy topic of death seem acceptable on Everybody Dies a rather reflective yet poignant track. IMG_2861

With this album Lee once again proves what a talented song writer he is and how he is able to give listeners just a little piece of his soul and some very memorable lines. With such a great vibe there are so many fun songs that are just begging to be danced to ( even if it is only in your living room).

The Universe Inside with acoustic guitar and piano is reflective exploring the issues that we never show people who we really are, no matter how much we long to. It’s a thought-provoking song and is well written yet the simple production makes it easy to listen and relate to.

It is apparent that Lee has exorcised his demons and allowed his personal growth to reflect throughout this album. It is a triumph of catchy tunes, uplifting lyrics and  an album that is sure to do well.  Whist Awake is the New Sleep was successful due to the emotion laden ballads Apple Candy and No Right Angles making  it the ultimate break up album, Love is the Great Rebellion is a wonderful falling in love album.

8/10  Released 29.05.15


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