[Movie Review] Jurassic World


Some twenty-two years after the first disaster that was Jurassic Park  arisen from the ashes is a new park that has been re-built, redefined and re-imagined. Jurassic World is complete with a baby dinosaur petty zoo, Stegosaurus rides and T-Rex feeding times.  People are loving the revamped park and all is going well and the original park that was envisioned by John Hammond is going making profits.

When visitor numbers drop, the marketing team put pressure on the science lab to genetically engineer a dinosaur that will bring people back to the park. The only objective on the brief : Make it bigger and scarier than any other dinosaur anyone has seen. With corporate pressure behind the project they develop the largest most intelligent dinosaur yet the Indominus Rex (a hybrid of Abelisaurus, Carnotaurus, cuttlefish, Gigantosaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops, tree frog and Tyrannosaurus Rex  DNA) is  created by scientist Dr. Henry Wu (B.D. Wong) and his team of engineers.

On a trip to see the new dinosaur and visit the park’s Operations Manager are  brothers Zac and Grey Mitchell ( Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson)  whose Aunt Claire ( Bryce Dallas Howard)  grants them VIP access to all the parks facilities, whilst leaving them in the care Claire’s assistant Zara whilst Claire works on the release of the new dinosaur.

Claire calls  in the help of  dinosaur expert  and velociraptor handler Owen Grady ( Chris Pratt) to check on the new enclosure and assess any possible problems. Owen has just been contacted by Vic Hoskins ( Vincent D’ Onofrio) for a possible deal to turn the Raptors into military killing machines and  he is  just the expert that Claire needs in order to asses the parks newest asset.  The Raptors that he raises view him as the Alpha of the pack and Hoskins wants to develop this further to his own advantage. He takes off to offer Claire his advice and see the creature for the first time.


Whilst there the Indominus Rex manages to trick Owen and staff into thinking she has escaped.  Turns out that the intelligent creature is just hiding. She manages to escape and all hell breaks loose with Owen only just managing to escape and outwit the dinosaur.

In the meantime, unaware of the terror that is unfolding Zac and Grey are out enjoying the park in a hydro sphere when they decide to take it off-road. Unbeknownst to them the Indominus Rex is out of her cage and exploring her new-found freedom and place on the food chain.  It’s now a race against time to find the boys and stop the dinosaur before it devours every living thing on the Island.

The first act is all about bringing viewers up to speed as to what life is like in the new amusement park, so that for anyone that has not seen any of the other movies can easily pick things up. There are nods to the original film through out in various guises, which is rather clever.  It introduces the boys as soft characters that are easy enough for the viewer to attach to and care about. Moving into the second act it is all about survival and running as fast as they can to escape the dinosaur. The brothers are in danger, the dinosaur is unpredictable and things are going from bad to worse. As the final act commences they have devised and plan and are now able to figure out what to do. The hunter becomes the hunter in a final power struggle between man and beast.


The film is some what entertaining and it is a thrilling two hours of escapism. Most of the characters are a little cookie cutter and stereotyped to the maximum.  Owen is the typical Indiana Jones type hero complete with leather vest and a large knife.  Graduating from chubby loveable comedian to buff action star Pratt really is the man of the moment and in any role is always a pleasure to watch as he brings his own brand to a character that could have been somewhat more cookie cutter and flat.  Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire is his somewhat uptight yet intelligent female counter part who has the amazing ability to spend the entire movie in sky-high heels running for her life and not managing to break an ankle. Yet she still succumbs to his charms in the end as any good female lead would, Hoskins is the perfect antagonist as the greedy corporate military man looking to exploit the dangerous Raptors. Everyone loves a good villain and D’ Onofrio is always excellent as the perfect villain and when he faces off against and angry Raptor it is almost poetic justice.

The real high light are the visual effects and the dinosaurs really do look believable. When handling the much-loved Raptors the creatures do look convincing and not at all unrealistic. It is a roller coaster ride of visual effects, action and there are several jump out of your seat moments that add to the entertainment factor not to mention some cheesy clichéd moments too. By far the best of the follow up movies ( The Lost World being a trainwreck) it may be enough to reboot the franchise, however it is still not quite able to capture the awe and magic of the original movie.It is in all fairness a quite enjoyable movie that will give viewers the appropriate amount of dinosaur action fix that it has to offer leaving the door open to more movies to follow. 


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