[Live Review] Queensland Cabaret Presents Transformer


Queensland Cabaret Presents
Transformer the Album in Concert
June 20:

The 1960s saw the summer of love on Haight- Ashbury, the art of Andy Warhol and his muse Candy Darling along with music that would shape a generation. It was Hendrix, Woodstock and free love.

The 60s also produced one of the most influential bands of all time The Velvet Underground. The band produced avant- garde music that spoke to the misfits and the outcasts. Whist never that popular in its day The Velvet Underground produced music that was prophetic, enigmatic and highly experimental. Managed by Andy Warhol the band set out to make music that would inevitably inspire other artists to learn from them.

The bands founder and song writer Lou Reed eventually left the band and in 1972 produced his debut solo album Transformer. Produced by David Bowie it created tracks such as Perfect Day, Satellite of Love and the song that will always remain synonymous with Reed, Walk on the Wild Side.

In tonight’s Cabaret @ The Cremorne musical director James Lees has bought together a slew of musicians to perform the iconic album in its entirety. In the intimate theater singers Alison St Claire, Sandro Colarelli, Brett Harris, Sahara Beck and Lucinda Shaw will bring back some old favorites and add their own voices and interpretations to the songs and music of Lou Reed.

Opening the show is a heavily made up Sandro Colarelli, white rose in hand to sing Vicious and he camps it up making the song his own. From there each performer is takes in turn to take the album and make it an audio spectacular for the audience. Lees has bought together equally talented singers and multi- skilled musicians for this evenings performance and each of them perform outstandingly. When old favorite Walk on the Wild Side is performed by the charismatic Allison St Ledger the whole crowd claps along. Even the youngest member of the troupe Sahara Beck manages to captivate the crowd with her outstanding vocals and sweet soulful singing.

By the end of the evening everyone has taken a trip down memory lane and as the show wraps up with Brett Harris echoing Joe Cocker when he croons Goodnight Ladies there are some very happy patrons that have been thoroughly entertained by this band of misfits. Lees has done a marvelous job of showcasing the album with an array of singers that clearly love the music of Lou Reed as much as he does. It will be interesting to see what the group brings to the Brisbane Cabaret next and it will be one all music enthusiasts on Brisbane will no doubt love.


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